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Transparency, Not Confusing Card Processing Terms

It certainly seems that many credit card processing companies have taken their direction from W. C. Fields.  They may advertise a great rate, but they actually make their profits on the hidden fees, and multiple junk fee line items on your statement that are nearly impossible to interpret.  In fact, we have found that these statements are so confusing that most of the fast talking sales people for these companies can't even explain their own statements.

At IntraFirst, we strive to make it easy to understand, simple to explain, and easy to read. We believe that you should be able to comprehend what you are paying for.  We don't promise a low rate, only to sneak in tons of sneaky little fees that add up to a lot of money.

We founded the company on the principle that honesty and transparency is what our customers want and deserve.  Too many of our competitors use the age old Bait and Switch method. They show you a great rate, and then nickel and dime you to pieces, the whole time smiling and shaking your hand (and no doubt, laughing all the way to the bank).   

About Us

The company was conceived upon the idea of ensuring that we position our business to be recognizable for customer service and satisfaction in a competitive climate by developing limited and effective working relationships with Acquiring Banks and Payment Networks that share our vision.

From the first day we opened our doors, I have stressed the importance of communication with our merchants, potential customers, equipment providers, and card issuers. Our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction is engrained in every employee. In standing behind this commitment, I encourage you to contact me with any comments about IntraFirst. My goal is constant growth and consistent quality.

I decided long ago that IntraFirst would exist on the premise that customer service comes before profits and good referrals are the best form of advertising.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S." 

Craig Roll

Managing Partner

IntraFirst Merchant Services Corp

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, IntraFirst Merchant Services offers credit card processing to merchants of all sizes.

We look for every opportunity to help customers obtain more value from each transaction developing new solutions to make transactions simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding. 

IntraFirst Values

  • Put customers first
  • Create value for our customers in everything we do.
  • Empower our people
  • Act with integrity
  • Build relationships based on honesty, trust and respect with our customers, colleagues and communities
  • Deliver excellence
  • Innovate and challenge the status quo to achieve exceptional results
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Take pride in our work and succeed together

We should treat each merchant customer as we would want to be treated and each and every transaction as if it were our own; to set a proper standard for customer awareness and information about the merchant services process both before and during the sale; and that we should reinvest a portion of our time and profits back into our community to the benefit of others.

Well, I am proud to say that our strategy has worked beautifully so far. We are growing at a higher than expected pace and have not only grown our customer base, but have made some great friends as well.

We believe in getting involved.  

We believe in finishing what we start.​

We believe in giving back.

We believe in challenging ourselves to do better.

W.C. Fields

IntraFirst offers businesses of all sizes payment processing solutions that give them the ability to accept nearly every payment type:

  • Credit and gift card programs
  • Terminals
  • Peripherals wireless and mobile payment options
  • Cash advance program
  • Couponing programs
  • Security and fraud protection programs
  • Retail and restaurant full product solutions