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Word of mouth from your customers is one of your biggest advertising channels. That word of mouth advertising can be positive or negative...and, you have control over what they are saying by establishing a corporate atmosphere that places great customer service above all else... More  

If you have the desire to be a successful sales person, or if you are leading a sales team, this article is for you. Thousands of books and articles have been written and millions of words used to...  More

Five Keys to Being a Successful Salesperson or Sales Manager
Identity theft is not just a worry for consumers, businesses need to be vigilant too

Every manager has had (or will have) to deal with an Antagonist.  This is the person who always has a negative comeback to your suggestions, raises questions as to the effectiveness of new ideas you have for the team, and always has a reason why your new implementation won't work.  They could be... More

Customer service issues can be caused by a wide range of problems, but in the moment in which the manager is sitting face-to-face with the angry customer, the cause is not relevant.  Making the customer happy is the issue... More

Identity theft is often perceived to be a problem that primarily impacts consumers. Media reports are full of stories about individuals that have been sent spiraling into debt because of misappropriated financial or other personal data. It’s often easy to overlook that businesses are often just as susceptible to such schemes. They have the same types of financial data and identifying information... More

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