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The optional Credit/Debit Discount Program is an exclusive (patented) technology which eliminates most or all of total card payment processing costs. The embedded software in the credit card terminal automatically adds either a small set minimum fee or a percentage fee into the transaction to cover the costs of the credit processing which is the paid by the consumer as a part of the credit/debit card transaction. The patented software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type. This program is perfect for any high volume - low transaction amount retailer, fast food restaurants and C-stores.  More Info...

The best merchant services company in Athens

We admit that we are a bit biased, but we think that IntraFirst is the best credit card processing company ever!  IntraFirst offers some of the best payment processing solutions available in today's business world.

We provide processing for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EBT, and Gift Cards.

Your business will find huge value in our programs.  

Specialized Credit Card Processing Programs for Athens Area Merchants

Our specialty programs are designed for:

IntraFirst offers businesses of all sizes payment processing solutions that give them the ability to accept nearly every payment type:

  • Credit and gift card programs
  • Terminals
  • Peripherals wireless and mobile payment options
  • Cash advance program
  • Couponing programs
  • Security and fraud protection programs
  • Retail and restaurant full product solutions

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, IntraFirst Merchant Services offers credit card processing to merchants of all sizes.

We look for every opportunity to help customers obtain more value from each transaction developing new solutions to make transactions simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding. 

Athens, GA credit card processing and merchant services

FleetCharge is a new credit card processing program, just rolled out, that is designed specifically for Automobile Service Centers and Tire Dealers.  It is an exclusive system that is designed for certain large ticket, high volume, retailers that sell automobile services.  This new program is HUGE, and it will save you money every month! The program is available today, so take advantage of the savings that the credit card companies have provided.  Switching over from your current credit card processing program is as simple as giving us a call.  We will take care of the rest.  More Info...