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Offer your customers easy monthly payment plans with QuickLend


Submit an application with your customer by entering purchase details and basic personal information.

  • Create a new application in-store, or on the road with your mobile device
  • Simply email the loan application to your customer to complete at their convenience, on any device

Credit check is completed within seconds.  Because QuickLend has multiple lending products integrated into one platform, obtaining financing for customers with great credit to no credit has never been easier.  

  • Your customer gets a Pre-Approval right away showing the maximum amount for which they have qualified.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to Up-Sell
  • The customer selects their desired payment term option and loan amount and sends it for completion

Complete the application process by electronically submitting documentation and signatures. E-signatures make our process painless and paperless.  

  • Collect as much or as little of a deposit that you desire and start the job.  
  • Let us know when the job is completed and an ACH payment is sent directly to your bank account.

Could you stand a 20% increase in business?

If you already have a consumer finance program, congratulations, you are already a step ahead of your competition.  However, chances are that it is offered through your bank, or one of the major consumer finance companies in the U.S. today and this means that you are loosing 20% or more of the potential sales due to customers with less than excellent credit not being approved.

You know that uncomfortable "Sorry, but you were denied." conversation? Well with the QuickLend program you will no longer have that conversation.  Ever!  

Plus, you might just grow your business by that 20% that have less than stellar credit.  Its a WIN-WIN.

Here's how it works

Powerful Tools Available for You on Your Dashboard

Use the partner dashboard to view funded and in-progress applications. Get an instant look at which step of the process each application is on, and whether any action is required.

Quickly and easily generate monthly reports that include information such as number of applications, number of applications pending approval, and number of applications funded this month, including dollar amounts.

Create and print out a detailed quote for your customer on-the-spot with the Purchase Calculator.

Why offer consumer financing?

  • Increase Sales & Grow Revenue.  Our finance program should be looked at as a sales and marketing tool for your business. Increase sales by advertising financing options to attract more customers to your business and use one of our many no interest promotional offers as a way to close more sales.
  • Attract New Customers.  Use our program to advertise affordable monthly payment options in conjunction with your “buy today” sales price. By advertising a low monthly payment, you’re appealing to those customers who can’t afford the total cash price of your product or service today. Use our no interest promotional offers as a marketing tool to drive more customers into your store.
  • Make Your Business Stand Out.  Use our finance program as a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Offer your customers a compelling offer by advertising one of our no interest promotional offers along with our low, affordable, FIXED monthly payments. Let your customers know that you can approve a wide variety of credit profiles and to come in to apply for financing today.
  • Increase Average Ticket Size.  Advertising financing helps eliminate the focus on total price, and instead shifts the focus to affordability. By leading with financing, you’ll make your product more affordable with low monthly payments. Shift your focus away from total price and begin increasing your average ticket today.
  • Increase Conversion Rates.  By advertising affordable financing options online, you’re giving your customers another way to pay.  Make your product more affordable and advertise no interest promotions to increase conversion rates and see more “browsers” become “buyers.”
  • Gain New Leads Through Your Website.  QuickLend is a great way for you to gain new customer leads online. Advertise banners provided by QuickLend on your website and encourage customers to apply for financing to check their rate. Each customer, regardless of whether they’re approved or not, is sent to your online portal and you’re notified via email.

A payment plan divides an expensive purchase into affordable monthly installments. Give your customers this new buying power with QuickLend. You get paid quickly, and your customers get better interest rates than they do with most credit cards. And we’re free to use.

Further, with QuickLend, merchants have zero risk on customer defaults.  If something happens and your customer can no longer pay their bill, it’s not your problem.

At InraFirst we understand that business owners wear many hats and we want to make customer acquisition easier for you. Through QuickLend, our consumer financing program, your customers can avoid the headaches of paperwork, get fast approval without a hard credit pull, and purchase your products and services immediately.

Grow your business today!