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Our credit card processing and merchant services programs are perfect for: Fast Food Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Doughnut Shops, Concession Stands (Popcorn, Pretzels, Hot Dogs, Pizza), Fast Food Quick Service Restaurants, Ice Cream Shops, Takeout (Chinese, Sushi, Pizza), Bakeries, Cafes, Smoothie Bars, Juice Bars, Frozen Yogurt Shops, Delis

•CashPerks can add 2.0%-3.0% directly to your bottom line, especially with small ticket averages associated with quick service restaurants (QSR's).
•It has been used by thousands of businesses across the U.S. for almost 10 years
•The program is patented
•It is the only Compliant Automatic Credit Card Discount Program
•CashPerks is compliant with all card rules
No Set-up Fees, No Rental Fees, No Hidden Costs, No PIN Pad required
•You don’t have to change banks
•Works with your existing POS system

With Traditional Credit/Debit Card Processing:

Each card swipe results in a cost of processing against the total transaction revenue, reducing retailer profits.​

Our traditional Quick Service Restaurants QSR merchant services program allows merchants to speed up service by not requiring a signature for any transaction under $15.00. Merchants also have the option to not print a copy of the customer credit card receipt.

The optional Credit/Debit Discount Program is an exclusive (patented) technology which eliminates most or all of total card payment processing costs. The embedded software in the credit card terminal automatically adds either a small set minimum fee or a percentage fee into the transaction to cover the costs of the credit processing which is the paid by the consumer as a part of the credit/debit card transaction. The patented software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type. This program is perfect for any high volume - low transaction amount retailer, fast food restaurants and C-stores.

Owners of quick service restaurants (QSR) know that speed is everything when it comes to customer service and smooth operations. Keeping customers happy and moving through the lines is easy when you have solid order management and can accept all types of payments from customers quickly.  IntraFirst provides both traditional credit card processing and merchant services for Quick Service Restaurants, as well as the popular CashPerks Program.

No signature required for transactions under $15.00
Complete customer transactions 75% faster
Added chargeback protection for non-signature transactions
Low rates
Local service

Perfect for:

Doughnut Shops 
Concession Stands (Popcorn, Pretzels, Hot Dogs, Pizza)
Fast Food Quick Service Restaurants (QSR's)
Ice Cream Shops
Takeout (Chinese, Sushi)
Coffee Shops
Smoothie Bars
Juice Bars
With the CashPerks Program:

A small convenience fee is charged

on every transaction with an

immediate credit for payment by:

•Cash, or
•Cash and Credit, or
•Cash and Debit,

...resulting in up to 100% of the

transaction revenues going to the retailer.​

The CashPerks Program has been in use for almost ten years and has collectively saved merchants hundreds of thousands since its inception. 

IntraFirst, and its strategic partners: First Data, DTI, Chase Bank, T-SYS, and Wells Fargo, have combined to provide CashPerks, a Credit/Debit Discount Program designed for smaller ticket/high volume merchants.  

Credit Card Processing for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR's)