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Credit Card Processing for Tire Dealers and Auto Service Centers

How do you save? The savings initiated by FleetCharge happen at the wholesale level, or more commonly referred to as interchange rates. As a FleetCharge customer you will save money with reduced interchange costs on standard purchases and enjoy the benefits of an interchange CAP on large ticket purchases. Together, these result in significant costs savings.

And further, FleetCharge does not allow for any of the hidden fees and add-on charges that are usually hidden deep within the statements and are hard to identify, but add up to hundreds of dollars per month in charges to the retailer.

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FleetCharge is a new credit card processing program that is designed specifically for Automobile Service Centers and Tire Dealers.  It is an exclusive system that is designed for certain large ticket, high volume, retailers that sell automobile services.  This program is HUGE, and it will save you money every month! The program is available today, so take advantage of the savings that the credit card companies have provided.  

Switching over from your current credit card processing program is as simple as giving us a call.  We will take care of the rest.

Credit Card Terminals and Machines

Although most retailers would benefit from the program, it is designed to work for those that will see a significant reduction on monthly credit card processing fees, due to their higher average ticket transaction. The qualifying minimums generally fall between a $200-$300 average credit transaction amount and average monthly volume greater than $50,000.

Higher qualifying minimums actually receive even better wholesale pricing, and in turn, see even larger benefits per transaction. The amount saved can be as much as 10-30% of the existing credit card processing charges and fees.

Are you a Tire Dealer or Automotive Service Center and want to save on your credit card processing and merchant services costs?

For a short overview of the FLeetCharge Program, check out the video below.

Consumer Financing Program

What consumer financing options do you have now?  Corporate financing?  Big bank institutional lenders?  Only prime credit customers approved?

Our consumer finance program provides you with instant approvals, no application paperwork for you to handle, credit application on your website or on any mobile device.  The complete process takes only minutes and can be done right in your showroom.  We own and service the loan, you are paid upon job completion and you have no responsibility for the loan's repayment.  More...

FleetCharge is a new, large ticket credit card processing program designed specifically for the petroleum and automotive services sectors. This new credit card processing program is specifically designed to reduce the cost of merchant services for retailers in these industries.

Not every tire dealer or automotive service center will qualify for the FleetCharge program. Qualification for the program depends on several factors such as average dollar amount of the retailer’s credit transactions, and the volume associated with these transactions.

Signing up for the FleetCharge program is very simple, and most of the paperwork is completed by our customer service back-office. Switching is all done by us so you have no direct contact with your existing provider in order to make the switch.

Additionally, we offer a 60 day, no-hassle, trial. We will come out and install the new equipment (if needed), and at the end of the trial period, if you decide to keep your old existing service provider, we will come to your site and reconnect your old equipment, no hurt feelings. But that really doesn’t happen once retailers see the savings.

Most of our retailers in the FleetCharge program are enjoying 10-30% savings over the old program. This new credit card processing and merchant services program is a game changer.
Getting started is easy. We take a copy of your most recent statement, evaluate the savings, and determine if you qualify for the program. If you do, we can have you boarded and saving money in as little as 48 hrs.

No need to change banks, no down time during business hours, take advantage of the industry-wide buying power.  Get started today.

Simply the Best Credit Card Processing Company for Tire Dealers and Automotive Service Centers