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Small Ticket Merchants

If your average ticket is $15 or less, then credit card fees and especially debit card fees are eating up a large part of your profits. Admit it, the big card companies are making as much as you do on your business.  

You pinch pennies, cut costs to the bone, and trim every hour possible on your employee payroll to hold onto your hard-earned profits.  TheCashPerks program is the one single thing that you can do to make a huge difference in your bottom line.  More...

Better pricing.  Better Service.  Better Technology.

Government Agencies and Schools

The best credit card processing and merchant services company, period.

Dry Cleaners, Movie Theaters, Quick Serve Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Taxis, Parking, Convenience Stores, etc.

Industries We Serve

Retail Tire Dealers, Tire Distributors, Automobile Service Centers, Transmission Shops


Corporate Offices

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Government and Educational

Most City, County, local and State government offices today have a need for rapid and efficient collections – thus the need to accept Credit & Debits cards. However, most government offices do not have a budget to pay Credit Card processing fees. That's where QUIKcheck comes to the rescue.  

QUIKcheck is a solution that makes it simple to accept Credit & Debit Cards for Tax payments, Fines, Registrations, Licenses, Utility bills, Traffic citations, and much more.  Our patented software allows your agency to accept credit or debit transactions face-to-face, or online with zero cost to you.  More...

Specialty Retailers

Retail business owners know how competitive the market is today.  You need a merchant services provider like IntraFirst Merchant Services that understands your needs.

Our management team has years of experience in retail management and knows the challenges you face every day.  Easy to use credit card terminals, quick payments into your account, and the lowest rates possible help keep you on top of your game.  And, we offer consumer financing!  More... 

Home Services Businesses

If your business sells products or services intended for the home, our HouseCall Program is designed just for you.  Home Services Businesses need multiple platforms for processing credit and debit cards.  Often, their sales take place on the road, in the field, and in their customer's home.  Mobile card acceptance is not just a good thing to have, it is essential to your success.

Use our consumer financing program and grow your business.  Your customers can get pre-approved on your website, in your show room, or anywhere on their mobile device.  Your sales staff just emails the customer a link.  More...

Medical and Dental Practices, Medical providers of Plastic Surgery, Lasik, Orthodonics, Assistive Listening Devices

At IntraFirst Merchant Services, we know your credit card processing is the backbone of your business, which is why we offer innovative, mission-critical solutions that offer you better pricing, knowledgeable expert consultants (not pushy sales people), transparency in billing, 24/7 service, next day payments, industry recognized security, and offer flexible, scalable systems that meet the specific needs of your business.

Because of the pivotal role we play in your business, IntraFirst is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the equipment we provide, to the quick payments received by you, to the honest and transparent billing format, to our 24/7 dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you.  

Our goal is to give each of our merchant partners the best in merchant service they could possibly have.  That being said, we cannot be everything to everyone, so we made a conscious decision to be the industry leader in serving only a select group of industries.

Medical and Dental Practices

Medical and dental offices face a multitude of financial challenges today. These include the increased costs of operating a practice, time-consuming regulatory burdens, and hassles with getting paid by insurance companies.  The ability to navigate these  hurdles is not taught in medical or dental school.  The +MedCredit program, by IntraFirst is more than the old styled credit card processing program that was used in the past.  It is designed for today's medical professional office manager.  In addition to the best in-office and online processing, we bring a consumer finance program that almost all of your patients can qualify for while they are sitting in your waiting room.  More... 

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Automotive Service Centers and Tire Dealers

We know the automotive service business has its own unique issues and challenges.  The FleetCharge Program is specifically designed to help and assist these merchants.  

Also, take advantage of our consumer financing program that broadens your customer base just by signing up, and signing up is free. The bottom line...FleetCharge, by IntraFirst saves money! Better yet, the savings are guaranteed.  More...