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Our processing rates for retail are consistently low, rated as low as less than 1 percent. What’s more, our Free Merchant Account Terminal Program makes things affordable if you’re just getting started or need new terminals. We offer the following types of terminals as part of our program: traditional, wireless, EMV and NFC-enabled, mobile and virtual terminals. Furthermore, our card processing terminals are efficient, saving time and improving customer service.

  • Improve customer service with quick, safe, efficient checkouts and advanced credit card processing terminals that include EMV and NFC payments
  • Save money with IntraFirst's low processing rates and free terminal program
  • Swipe credit cards securely by implementing PCI-compliant payment solutions

Credit Card processing for Call Centers

Today’s retail environment has expanded well beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar operation that predominated for decades, and IntraFirst has kept pace by offering a full suite of industry-leading credit card payment systems, products and services merchants need to increase revenue, enhance their bottom lines and be competitive in the marketplace.

And further, IntraFirst does not allow for any of the hidden fees and add-on charges that are usually hidden deep within the statements and are hard to identify, but add up to hundreds of dollars per month in charges to the retailer.

Credit Card Processing Services for Carpet and Rug Retailers

Merchant Services for Mail Order, Telemarketers, MOTO Merchants, other High Risk Merchants

While other card processors have walked away from the firearms/shooting sports industry, IntraFirst has embraced it. We work with FFLs and industry professionals and offer a wide variety of payment solutions to meet your individual needs, and a portion of every card transaction is donated to the National Shooting Sports Foundation or the NRA.

Additionally, we offer a 60 day, no-hassle, trial. We will come out and install the new equipment (if needed), and at the end of the trial period, if you decide to keep your old existing service provider, we will come to your site and reconnect your old equipment, no hurt feelings. But that really doesn’t happen once retailers see the savings.

Today’s marketplace is always on and always on the move. Wherever and whenever you get an opportunity, IntraFirst helps you make the sale.  In your show room or in your customer's living room, we give you the credit and debit card processing tools to win the next sale.

We give you the advantages that you need and want:

  • Our Consumer Finance Program
  • In-Store, Wireless, and Mobile Processing Capabilities
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Free Terminals
  • Transparent Billing
  • Free No-Hassle 60 Day Trial

Merchant Services for Major Appliance Retailers

Card Services for Outdoor Power Equipment Merchants

At IntraFirst we understand that the complexities of certain retailers call for specialized credit card processing systems.  To close some sales, you have a need to be everything to everyone.  Be ready for that transaction when the opportunity presents itself.  

With IntraFirst, you have the ability to process credit and debit card transactions from your in-store terminal, a wireless terminal that you take to a trade show or special event promotion, or even from your mobile device.

At IntraFirst, your business is not just our customer, we see you as our retailer partner.  You are flexible and so are we.

Merchant Financing Program

What merchant financing options do you have now?  Corporate financing?  Big bank institutional lenders?  Only prime credit customers approved?  No financing at all?

Our merchant finance program provides you with 24 hr approvals, 72 hr funding, and loan amounts up to $250,000 and is based on your last 90 days of credit card processing and business checking statements and is repaid through deductions from your daily funding from credit card transactions.

Credit Card Processing for MOTO Merchants

MOTO Merchant Accounts are geared toward accepting and processing payments manually. This often accomplished via a Virtual Terminal (online payment processing), a PC based application, or a credit card machine where the card information is entered manually.  Because the card is not present during the transaction, these merchants are considered High Risk Merchants by the card issuers.

Due to the higher risk of fraud, many processors and banks will not process these types of merchants.  At IntraFirst, we understand and welcome MOTO Merchants and other High Risk Merchants.

Merchant Services for Telemarketers

Most of our retailers are enjoying 10-30% savings over their old program.

Getting started is easy. We take a copy of your most recent statement, evaluate the savings, and determine what savings we can offer you.  We can have you boarded and saving money in as little as 48 hrs.

No need to change banks, no down time during business hours, take advantage of our money saving programs.  Get started today.

Process Transactions in Your Store, From Your Mobile Device, or Online 

Gun Friendly Credit and Debit Card Processing for Gun Stores